I fell in love with the man who I would end up marrying. 

At this point in my life I owned a Women's boutique located in Orem, Utah and had been running it successfully for nearly 8 years and was about to begin my last semester at LDSBC for my Social Media Marketing Degree.

As crazy at it seemed then, I decided that I would close the doors to my boutique on New Years Eve to start the New Year fresh. 2016 would be the year that I would embark on a new venture. I set off to make a name for myself in the Permanent Cosmetics industry and grew my brand. 

It is truly rewarding to be able to enhance others individual beauty. I love seeing my clients light up with a new sense of confidence. It's remarkable how looking your best can also make you feel your best, wether that be through permanent makeup, a fresh lash fill, or a rad new sweater!

Both my husband and family have encouraged, supported, and motivated me to pursue my goals to the point that I was able to go back to school and finish up my Social Media Marketing degree which has only added value to my businesses. We have since then opened up The Beauty Studio which is a booth rent salon as well as going back to my first love in the fashion industry and opening up Shop Taby, an online boutique for ridiculously dope souls.

Shop Taby launch date was specifically chosen to be January 1st of 2019 as a reminder of the decision 3 years ago that led to so much more... 

Trust your gut and you'll go far my friends!

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