I Am Woman Notebook
I Am Woman Notebook
I Am Woman Notebook

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I Am Woman Notebook

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Bestie, This is the piece that inspired this entire collection. I wanted to create a piece that reminded you how rad it is to be a woman. I wanted a piece that felt like a subtle celebration of womanhood. It also just so happens that this piece is our very first "office" piece to ever hit the site! I can't wait for you to sketch, draw, write, and document all your dreams, plans, goals, and heart's desires on this epic notebook. This one is for YOU Boo! This one is dedicated to all the fierce and empowered women that raised us, influence us, and to the future generation of women yet to come!

-Taby original design you won't find anywhere else!

-limited run so grab it quick!

-wide metal spiral notebook so it lays flat

-blank pages

-unique AF

-first ever shop taby "office" piece to hit the site!

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Length  Width
9" 7.25"